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Unforgiven Souls Results...

Single Match - Eminem vs. The Gay Haggis

NO roleplays recieved, that means YOU dikki!

No Contest

Single Match - Crusher Caz vs. N_T_L

No Roleplays received

No Contest

Triple Threat Match for Hardcore Title - Omen vs. Razor vs. Tornado Mike

The cameras go backstage to see Razor standing by with Llian Garlic. "So Razor, after being the UEND's first Hardcore champion, you finally have a chance to win back your gold tonight, as you face Tornado Mike and The Omen in a triple threat match. Not only that, but your good friend Criple H is dropping the title, in order to try and spread the UEND's belts throughout the Rebellion. Your thoughts please:" "Well Llian. It seems that a certain Omen has a problem with Razor. He walks down the ramp to his scary music, and speaks in rhymes. Does he think this scares me? The only thing that I find scary about Omen is that he thinks he can beat me! He is wrong..DAMN WRONG! And as for your Tornado Mike. I hear that you think this is your chance for big time success here in UEND. Well when I beat your arse for the 1,2,3 you'll be wishing you never messed with the big boys! COME ON!" Razor storms off and makes his way to the ring. Suddenly he is jumped by Mike and Omen! A bell rings! The match is underway, and we're not even at the ring! Hardcore title on the line! Mike and Owen work together on the fallen Razor, putting the boots to him. Mike picks up Razor and throws him into the concrete wall, Razor's face looking pained. Omen picks up a nearby table, its contents of coffee falling to the floor. Omen shows amazing strength lifting the table above his head. He throws the table and the battling Mike and Razor, sending both men to the floor. Omen goes for a quick cover on Mike, but Mike gets his shoulders up before the 3. Razor is starting to stir and picks up a trash can. He goes to throw it at Omen, but Mike gets in the way and recieves the can to the face instead of the ED member! Both Razor and Omen go for the cover, Razor shoving Omen off and getting a close 2. With Mike down Omen and Razor square up to each other. Omen wraps his hands around Razor's throat, but Razor escapes the hold by kicking Omen multiple times in the mid section. He goes for the Razorwire, but Omen catches him in mid air! Omen is about to throw Razor through a glass window. But Mike from behind hits Omen with a crowbar! Omen and Razor both fall to the ground. Mike covers Omen, who is now out cold from the shot by Mike. 1.....2........Razor somehow interupts the pin! Omen is still down. Mike rushes at Razor, but Razor ducks and slams Mike's head into the wall, narrowly missing the glass window. Razor picks up the crowbar that Omen dropped! He smashes is accross Mike's skull, busting Tornado open! We've got a new Hardcore champion! 1......2........Razor is lifted off Mike, by Omen, his hands around his throat. He chokelifts Razor 3 feet in the air and throws him through the glass! Omen goes to cover....1....2.....It's Wolverine! Wolverine smashes a steel chair over Omen, who staggers to his feet. Sabertooth on the chair! Wolverine picks up teh downed Razor and drapes him over Omen....1......2......3! A New Hardcore champ! Back in the ring, The Rebellion's music plays. Cripple H and Crippler join the pair, and Cripple H hands over his Hardcore title to the now bleeding Razor. Wolverine lifts Razor's hand in the air. These guys are such a great team..............

Winner - Ted - 15 Points

Single Match to determine #1 Contender for UEND Eurocontinental Title - Wolverine vs. Herpes The Clown

Wolverine steps out onto the entrance ramp to his music, and walks down the ramp into the ring. The lights go out, and some unrecognisable music is played – What does everybody want? – HERPES! What does everybody have? – HERPES! What does everybody love? – HERPES! With this, Herpes rides out onto the entrance ramp, with the GITT on the lead alongside him. The bright lights flash around the arena as Herpes walks down the ramp, bursting balloons in little kiddies’ faces. He climbs into the ring, and grabs the mic from the GITT, and says “It’s me, it’s me, it’s that E-R-double-P (E-S) clowning around with that G-I-double-T. You love me, you hate me, you’ll never forget me. Why? Coz Herpes is the greatest two time, two time, two time, belt holder in the UEND! Hey Wolverine, have you been working out, I mean, you’re looking pretty good…… It’s a shame I can’t say the same thing about your mother. Your momma is so fat.” With this, the GITT butts in and says “How fat is she?” And Herpes says “She’s so fat, when she walks past a window, the people in the building think it’s a solar eclipse!” Wolverine doesn’t like this, so he runs at Herpes with a clothesline, but Herpes ducks, and hits Wolverine with a reverse neckbreaker. Wolverine gets up, only to be knocked down by a clothesline from Herpes. He gets up a third time, only to be arm-dragged down again. He stays down, and Herpes continues to administer stompings. Herpes picks him up, and lifts Wolverine high and vertical with a suplex, but Wolverine floats over the top, and pushes Herpes to the ropes, and as he returns, he hits him with a schoolboy, 1,2, Herpes kicks out. Wasting no time, Wolverine hits Herpes with a superkick to the face, and goes for the cover, 1,2, Herpes barely kicks out. He picks up Herpes, and DDT’s him back down to the mat, and once again goes for the cover, 1,2, Herpes rolls the shoulder up. Wolverine puts Herpes in a sleeper hold, but Herpes doesn’t stay down long, and gets to his feet, and pushes Wolverine to the ropes, but Wolverine just goes back and puts Herpes in another sleeper. This time, Herpes goes all the way down to his knees, and then he’s out. The ref lifts the arm, and lets it drop. It drops, and the ref shouts “1”. He does it again, and again the arm drops. “2”. He does it a third time, and the arm drops almost to the mat, but Herpes shakes it for some reason, and gets to his feet, so Wolverine has him in a side headlock. In one movement, Herpes hits him with a belly to back suplex. This move wipes out both men, and both are down. The referee counts to 9 before both men get to their feet. Wolverine throws a punch, but it is blocked by Herpes, who pokes Wolverine in the eyes. Wolverine gets forced back onto the ropes, and Herpes clotheslines him over the top. He then runs off the ropes, and suicide dives through the ropes to ultimately hurt Wolverine. Herpes gets to his feet, and picks up Wolverine, and then whips him to the safety rails. Wolverine goes into it back first, and leans against it. Herpes then inverted atomic drops Wolverine onto the safety rail. He then grabs a chair, and smacks Wolverine into the crowd. They then go off into the crowd, Herpes administering beatings, until they reach a canteen. Herpes goes to punch Wolverine, but it’s blocked, and Herpes gets thrown into a drinks machine. Wolverine then grabs a trashcan, and smashes it over Herpes’ head. (this is all legal coz it’s not in the ring) Wolverine then hits a sidewalk slam onto the concrete floor. He grabs a steel cookie tray and smashes Herpes over the head. He puts the tray on the floor, and hits the Sabretooth onto it. Instinctively he goes for the pin, but the ref won’t count, as this isn’t a hardcore match. He picks up Herpes, and takes him back to the ring. He eventually gets there, and rolls Herpes in, and goes for the pin, 1,2, Herpes kicks out. A frustrated Wolverine goes over to the referee, and shouts at him. Herpes gets up, and dropkicks Wolverine in the back, sending him flying into the referee, knocking him out, and leaving Wolverine badly dazed. The GITT runs into the ring, and Herpes smacks him and shouts “GITT…Get the tables!” He runs out of the ring, and grabs a table, and passes it to Herpes, who sets it up. He then picks up Wolverine, and stands him next to the table. He then hits him with the Herpinator through the table. He goes for the cover, but the ref is still down. Herpes goes over to the ref, and wakes him up. He goes for the cover again, and the ref is counting very slowly, 1,2, Wolverine kicks out (the ref can’t see the bits of table, oh no!) This time the Herpes is annoyed, and so he pushes the referee, and makes a little signal to the GITT. The GITT runs into the ring, spins the ref around, and hits him with the Passage to the GITT World. The ref is out cold. Herpes steps back, into the waiting arms of Wolverine, who hits a bridging German-suplex on Herpes. The crowd count 1,2,3,4,5 before Herpes kicks out. Wolverine is annoyed at this, and he goes to wake up the ref, which he succeeds in doing, but as soon as he goes for the cover, the GITT hits the Passage to the GITT World again, before rolling out. Wolverine spies the GITT, and runs out of the ring, and chases him. He runs around the corner, to be met by a clothesline from Herpes. He goes down hard, but for good measure, Herpes smacks his head into the steel steps. He picks up the steel steps, and sets them up. He then rips up the soft padding on the floor, to expose the hard concrete. He then takes Wolverine to the top of the steps, and piledrives him off the top of the steps. Wolverine is busted wide open. Herpes rolls him into the ring and covers him, but again there is no ref. Herpes runs out of the ring, and goes under the ring to grab Head (except with a clown face painted on) and he goes back into the ring. Wolverine is standing, and Herpes runs at him with Head, but Wolverine ducks, and Herpes runs straight into the turnbuckle, and Wolverine grabs Head, before smacking Herpes over the head. He goes for the pin, and the ref just gets up, 1,2, Herpes just gets the shoulder up. Wolverine picks Herpes to the corner, and splashes him. He then sits him on the turnbuckle, and superplexes him off. He gets to his feet, and calls for the Sabretooth again. He gets Herpes in the position, but Herpes reverses with a northern lights suplex. Herpes then climbs the turnbuckle, and hits the Ring Piece, a Shooting Stars Press. He gets the pin, 1,2, somehow Wolverine gets the shoulder up. Herpes bends Wolverine down, and lifts him up with a powerbomb, but Wolverine hits a Frankensteiner. Wolverine goes for a powerbomb of his own, and this one works, but instead of going for the pin, he goes outside to get a chair. He gets the chair, and places it over Herpes’ face, runs off the ropes, and goes for a leg-drop, but connects only with chair, as Herpes rolls away. He clutches his rear, as if he had been shafted by Paul Dave, and he gets whipped to the corner. Herpes sits him on the turnbuckle, and takes a small dancey run up type thing, and in one motion, superkicks Wolverine in the groin – Sweet Groin Music!!! Herpes sees the opportunity, and hits the Last Laugh off the turnbuckle, it’s over, 1,2,3!!! Herpes leaves the ring, happy and joking with the GITT.

Winner - Herpes The Clown - 10 Points

TKO Match for UEND Roleplay Title - Cripple H vs. The Crippler

We cut backstage, cripple H isn’t in the best of moods, he’s standing with paul dave. Paul Dave then decides to break the eerie silence.. “Well cripple H you lost to Dangerous Barry and hes going on to face hades, but now you have the so-called consolation prize in your first Roleplay shot since your injury to the hands of retired erotico, what are your thoughts on this?”, cripple H still looking pissed off, snatches the microphone out of paul daves hands… “Well Paul…this is my third shot for the Roleplay title, some would say “third time lucky”…but oh no…that is wrong…you see I will not need luck to defeat my teammate The Crippler..because I am simply gonna have no mercy, im gonna use the glass chair if I have to, because I am going to become the UEND’s very first TWO TIME TWO TIME DOUBLE CHAMPION! And theres not a damn thing the cripplers gonna do about it, because I am that damn brilliant….and as for you…Hades and Barry…im gonna get you, you two are going down……” Cripple H then walks off, the crowd cheer a little, but are a little disturbed by cripple H’s attitude tonight, it seems he is hell bent to get that roleplay title. Cripplers music hits and you can hear a couple of cheers from the crowd, but it’s a pretty dull reaction for the newly crowned roleplay champion. Crippler goes into the ring awaiting the arrival for the lame… The lights cut out, the strobe lighting focuses apon the stage…Cripple H’s music hits…”one two, this on?”….the crowd get to their feet, cripple H slowly emerges from the apron with his eurocontinental title around his waist, the crowd leap to their feet and start cheering in admiration for the lame. Cripple H slowly pours the water over himself….he spits it and walks with a purpose to the ring. The crowd still leaping up and down and cheering, cripple H climbs the ring apron, takes one last gulp of his water, and he throws the rest to the crowd…cripple H stands upon the apron. The crowd go slightly quiet waiting….cripple H then raises his hands in the air spitting the water high in the air, the crowd roar once again, cripple H then swings his leg under the second rope and into the ring to confront the champion. The crippler stares a hole through cripple H, however cripple H shows no fear and stands toe to toe with the crippler, cripple H is slightly taller. Crippler then extends his arm for a hand shake for his teammate. Cripple H extends his arm, the crippler has a microphone in hand.. “Good match?….(cripple H nods )…you said no mercy!…” The crippler then swings for cripple H with the microphone in hand, but cripple H ducks it, turns and hits crippler with a stinging right. The crippler staggers back clutching his nose. Crippler recuperates and runs towards cripple H, cripple H however keeps his cool and reverses the impending clothesline with a sharp back elbow straight onto the cripplers nose. The crippler falls to the floor, cripple H stands over the crippler and hits him with little kicks teasing the crippler, however crippler has had enough and hits a crunching low blow, cripple H then drops to one knee, crippler gets up and bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick into cripple H’s face. The crippler then starts to repeatedly stamp on cripple H’s chest forcing the wind right out of cripple H’s torso. The crippler then turns away, cripple H starts to get up with the aid of the ropes. The crippler runs towards cripple H but cripple H reverses this and back body drops the crippler up and over the rope onto the outside. Cripple H immediately goes outside and starts to lay more beatings upon the crippler through the aid of his right hands. The crowd start to get excited as cripple H lays right hand after right hand over the cripplers face. Cripple H then takes crippler along the ramp, smacking him across the banisters as they go, delivering occasional kicks to the midsection, the crippler starts to fight back, and tries to whip cripple H into the stage cagey thing however cripple H and the crippler is sent sprawling into it himself. Crippler then tries to vertical suplex cripple H, however hes too weak and there is no momentum behind him, cripple H reverses with a suplex of his own! Crippler however gets up quite quickly then puts cripple H in a testicular claw! He guides cripple H over to some electrical equiptmnent, hes drops him down and then batters him a couple of times with a steel chair. He then stands behind a stack of speakers he then pushes one over which almost lands on cripple H, however he moves over, but crippler thinks hes hit him, and he cant see cripple H. He lifts the speaker over to reveal nothing, suddenly we see cripple H running behind him with a big-time bulldog onto the speaker! Cripple H then whips crippler repeatedly against the baracades until we reach the ring, cripple H picks up the crippler and throws him shoulder first into the ring steps. Cripple H then runs parallel to the crippler and hits a quick elbow drop to the back of cripplers head. Cripple H then drags the battered crippler onto his feet, theyre both standing on the ring steps. Cripple H stands behind the crippler, gets a waist lock and hits a devastating german suplex off the ring steps! Cripple H gets up and goes over to the other side of the ring by the announce tables, hes trying to get the ring bell. Meanwhile the crippler has grabbed a steel chair. For some reason the ring bell has been nailed down (now why does that ever happen in wrestling? - qui). Crippler had now made his way toward cripple H with a steel chair in hand. Crippler seems however reluctant to use it, he signals something to cripple H and he drops the chair. However cripple H is hell bent to get this title, he kicks crippler in the midsection and rams his head between his legs. He grabs cripplers trousers, pulls back whilst hes falling, piledriver onto the chair! The cripplers head smacking against the chair with a sickening thud. Cripple H wisely gets straight onto crippler and puts him in a sleeper, just after that devastating headcrunching move. The referee grabs the cripplers arm, and raises it once, it is very limp, and drops to the floor. The referee does it once again and it falls once again…the referee raises the cripplers arm one more time, it starts to fall but then it stops (predictable, oh no! – qui) crippler starts shaking his hand, hes suddenly got a burst of adrenaline, hes not gonna lose his title that easily. The crippler starts to make his way to his feet, but cripple H is still trying to apply the sleep, the crippler is still woozy, the crippler then runs back, and hence smacks cripple H’s back straight into the ring post..cripple H then immediately lets go of the hold and staggers forward. Crippler then grabs cripple H by the hair and smacks his head across the announce table. Crippler attempts to do the same again but however cripple H stuck his hands out to reverse it, cripple H then whips the crippler into the barricade, the cripplers back smashing against it, as he slumps to the floor in agony. Cripple H not giving the crippler any time to rest starts to stomp away at the crippler, driving the breath out of the crippler. Cripple H then picks up the crippler and rolls him into the ring, as does cripple H. The crippler starts to get up with the aid of the ropes, however cripple H runs towards the crippler, puts crippler in a headlock, leaps onto the air, and hits a qui-d-t, cripplers head bouncing off the canvas and then lying down shaking slightly on the canvas. Cripple H signals for the cwuiffensteiner, the crippler slowly gets up onto one knee, cripple H rams his head between his legs, he hooks his arms, however for some peculiar reason he lets go of cripplers arms and crippler back body drops him. Cripple H lands on the canvas clutching his back. The crippler whips cripple H into the corner, he then hits cripple H with combinations of kicks and slaps and chokes, the crowd start to boo at the crippler. The crippler then sticks his middle upto the crowd which was greeted with another chorus of boos from the crowd, crippler then hooks cripple H’s legs onto the ropes in the corner. Crippler runs back and runs with a crunching kick in the balls, he hit the crippled dreams. Cripple H staggers forward in agony, the crippler senses the end is near, he kicks cripple H in the balls once again and rams his head between the legs, hes going for the cripp bomb. He starts taunting to the crowd, he finishes with a cut throat taunt. The crippler then decides to change position, and hes going for the gut wrench powerbomb!, that would surely finish the lame. He lifts him up, however cripple H manages to reach his hands back as hes up there…he drops down with a last laugh! Both men bounce off the canvas cripple H gets up but the crippler is still laying still. Cripple H waves the ref over to check that hes knocked out, the referee shakes his head. Cripple H looks even more pissed off than earlier. So he rolls out the ring, and the crowd know what hes doing, hes getting the glass chair! The crippler is starting to get up, cripple H rolls in and leans the glass chair at a 45 degree angle against the canvas and the turnbuckle. The crippler dosnt see whats happening, and tries to run over to cripple H to get a cheap shot, cripple H hits a low blow crippled spiral through the glass chair! The glass shatters everywhere, you can see glass splinters in the cripplers face! Cripple H then picks up the crippler hooks his arms…the cwuiffesntiener! The crowd cheer as it is hit as the cripplers bloodied face is driven into the canvas. The referee checks the crippler, but hes still not out! The crippler is still moving his hands and is shockening crawling along the canvas towards the ropes. Cripple H slides outside and for the first time in his career he gets a table, and sets it up near one of the turnbuckles. As cripple H is setting this up however the crippler delivers a kick to the midsection! Crippled dreams! But alas fro the crippler, cripple H is not out, infact hes already getting back to his feet gradually. The crippler then takes cripple H by his hair and sits him up on the turnbuckle, hes signaling to the crowd for a suplex off the top and through the table, that would surely finish off the lame…The crippler turns around to the crowd, however cripple H is standing ontop of the turnbuckle, the crippler turns around…cripple H leaps in the air FLIPPING NECKBREAKER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!! (otherwise known as the blockbuster), cripple H leaps to the air and raises his hands to the crowd the crowd leap off their seats, the referee checks the crippler, hes stone out, the referee runs over to the corner and signals to the ring announcer and time keeper its over, the bell is rung! The referee gives the lame his two titles and raises his hands, the crowd roar once again, and your winner by TKO and new Roleplay champion…the lame…Cripple H! Cripple H’s music hits, cripple H climbs a turnbuckle with a title in each hand and raises his hands to the crowd, the crowd cheer in a tidal wave of emotion, giving praise to the lame.

Winner - Cripple H - 15 Points

"I Quit" Match for UEND Heavyweight Title - Dangerous Barry vs. Hades

With an already intense night, Unforgiven Souls was set to end in yet another crowd pleaser, the sold out arena cheering in unison. Over the past week, tensions have risen between Dangerous Barry and Hades concerning this match tonight where Dangerous Barry places everything on the line for the much coverted Heavyweight Belt. With the clowns full of tricks up their sleeves and with the Eternal Darkness stable in an injured state, what with Real Bad out for a few weeks, the advantage lays with DB and with the Goons backing him, his chances are very high. Will Hades manage to survive this onslaught and show no forgiveness on the clown, or will Dangerous Barry pull off a win and send the demon back to Hell? As the match gets underway, the result is nearly upon us. The lights dim as the laughter booms out over the speakers followed by SMASH-der-der-der-der-der-der-der-der-der-der . The crowd rise to the feet as Dangerous Barry makes his entrance, riding his tricycle to the fateful ring, where his future would be decided. The clown slid into the ring, the pyschotic smile scaring his face, as the Heavyweight Belt loomed in his twisited mind. The lights dimmed once again as the cheers turned to a crescendo of boo's as the eventful words falshed over the titatron followed by a sucession of flames, the colour of blood, the colour of Hades. The demon emerged from the recess of the darkness the belt around his waist, an emotionless face staring into the ring where the clown awaited. With the crowd's insults raining down hard on him, his state did not change, the fire of hell refelected in his eyes. He slid into the ring and stood up, his size towering over DB. The clown did not lurch back but pulled out something from his pockets. The crowd cheered as juggling balls emerged as DB began to juggle. Hades stood, confusion beginning to take over his face when DB threw the balls into Hades' face. Hades staggered backward the balls not of the juggling type at all but containning solid balls of steel. The bell rang out as DB took advantage of a stunned Hades, with a dropkick to his face. Hades crashed down but was soon up only to recieve a clothesline and go straight back down. DB bounced against the ropes and landed a kitchen sink to Hades before a DDT. DB hammered away at the same left leg of Hades, as he sprawled over the ring. He picked Hades up by his hair only to be punched in the stomach causing DB to reel over but then the swinging neck breaker by Hades brought him down. DB quickly rose as Hades ran at him with a clothesline. DB was more agile and ducked avoiding the arm but a kick to the left leg sent Hades down, the leg causing him some pain. DB continued the assualt, stomping away on the leg, Hades feeling the pain. DB left the big man to roll around in pain clutching his leg as DB pulled out a lead pipe, the use obvious and the crowd acknowledging with a cheer. DB slipped back in and headed over to Hades who was using the ropes to pull himself up. With no remorse, DB hit Hades in the ribs, the impact painful from the sight let alone feeling it. Hades staggered over, still standing. His size was built to take punishment but another impact this time to the leg sent him down. DB continued to assualt the leg but as he went for another strike, the ref from behind pulled out the pipe from his hands. DB turned round in anger, the ref trying to give Hades some time to recover form such an attack. DB pushed the ref, before turning back to the injured Hades. DB dropped to the apron and locked in a submission, the trans four leg lock. Hades was in the realm of pain, as DB tried his hardest to get the wrestler to quit. The taunts from DB could be heard as he persisted in Hades to quit. The intense pain was not enough as Hades refused to say the two fearful words. Hades reached the rope as the ref, with more force thsi time, tried to pull DB off. The clown realeased his hold to much disgust and headed up top. He began to taunt, the crowd enjoying the clown taking advantage but Hades was up, the ropes his only support. DB turned and jumped as Hades saw moving out of the way just in time to see DB his a leg drop of nothing but the apron. Hades took his chance as DB staggered up, slightly dazed. Rebounding off the ropes, Hades hit the bulldog on DB, his face impacting hard. DB lay dazed as Hades hobbled about, the pain from his leg causing much grief. Hades slowly climed the ropes, looking to hit his finisher. As Hades reached the top he turned round to be greeted by the face of DB. A quick boot to the leg led to Hades to slip onto the turnbuckle his groin now taking the punishment. DB quickly climed the ropes lifting up Hades too. DB got into position and tried to lift Hades for the superplex. Hades still had strength in his arms and reversed the move, DB tumbling backwards out of the ring and hitting the steel steps. DB rose again, the steps cutting him open slightly, a trickle of blood down his face. A cross body block by Hades kept him down, the two now heading outside. Hades lifted DB up and the two began to brawl, exchanging fists. The two headed up the ramp, DB not manging to have an effect of Hades. Hades backed off before charging at DB. DB was aware and with a drop toe hold, sent Hades to the floor again. DB picked up Hades, thrusting his head between his legs, the crowd rising in noise as the powerbomb lurked on teh horizon. Hades was lifted up this time by DB but he couldnt finish it. Hades managed to escape his grasp slipping down behind DB. Hades turned and lifted DB onto his shoulders before executing an electric chair drop off the ramp. The two fell, hitting the floor below and seemingly bouncing like balls. The two remained still for a while, the move causing damage to both Hades and DB. The two had appeared to change the rules and were not looking to make someone quit but to totally destroy them as well. DB was up first, the crowd excited by the continuation of the match. The leg fo Hades was keeping him down, the 15ft drop causing damage that might need surgery. DB picked up Hades before punching him. The two now made their way backstage, DB hitting the dazed and pained Hades. With the two in a corridor, the chance for interfernece was ripe. Hades was nearly finished. Db went for another it but Hades manged to duck his arm before grappling with him. Hades caught DB offguard and landed an Argentine Backbreaker onto one of the many storage containers ( u know the ones. Have wheels on, for transpost and i dont mean the HUGE ones used to carry metal poles etc. Just small storgae units - JJ) in the corridor. DB rolled off of it limp as Hades stood trying to regain some feeling in his leg. Suddenly the container burst open as Herpes jumped out, a bat in hand. He rammed Hades head into the wall before pushing him into the container. Herpes locked it, as Hades struggled to escape. DB was helped up and handed a steel rod by Herpes, the two beating the container where the demon was locked in. The container was battered, Hades taking a forceful beating. DB stopped the attack and shouted into the container for Hades to quit. Hades didnt reply so the two smiled to each other, and grabbed hold of the container. They began to push the container towards a door. With one final push, the container burst through the door into the car park and loading area, the container falling off the platform where lorries are unloaded and crashing to the floor below. By ow the container was in ruins and was Hades. The two clowns followed opening up the container as a bloodied Hades rolled out, limp. The Gay Haggis then appeared too, the Legion of Goons towering over the demon, laughing continuously. DB asked again to the fading Hades whether he would quit. Hades turned his head and landed a fist into the face of DB. Herpes and the Haggis pounced straight away stomping at the Champion. They picked him up and whipped him inot the stone walls of the car park area, repeating the action. Hades was bleeding after the numerous throws into the solid wall and was weakened. He was on the floor and saw a can of petrol. As DB lifted him up, Hades threw the petrol into DB's eyes, blinding him with pain. Herpes and the Haggis received the same treatment. The Haggis ran at Hades trying to catch him but Hades ducked with a back body drop which sent the Haggis crashing threw the window of a car behind. Hades turned towards Herpes who was still blinded but smashed the can over Hades head. He collapsed onto a car bonnet as Herpes staggered over trying to regain his sight. DB was trying to do the same, his sight blinded too. Hades clambered up the car as Herpes followed, the two exchanging blows. Hades ducked one fist and picked Herpes up high with a piledriver onto the car roof. The roof caved in, the car being a soft top but Hades had done his job. He slipped to the ground off the roof as the Haggis was recovering in the car after going through the windowas. Hades saw Haggis approach the door and opened it wide. As Haggis stuck his head out, Hades crashed the door onto him, the Haggis' face going through the side window this time taking him out. Hades turned to see DB had gone, and moved off to follow him as the camera focused in on the license plate - 'Tornado Mike'. Hades reached another corridor in the unending arena, DB nowhere to be seen. Then, suddenly DB appears a belt in hand. He cracks the belt hard over the back of Hades before whipping him over the head. Hades was dragged towards part of the seating stands on the second tier. Hades reacts and hits a low blow landing a russian leg sweep on DB. Hades was up first and picked up DB, whipping him up the steps and back out into the crowd on the 2nd tier. The fans cheered on, trying to touch the fabled wrestlers as Hades showed his superiority. Hades was not aware that DB still had the belt and DB tied it round Hades' injured leg, pulling it, sending Hades backwards to the floor. DB got up and tied teh belt around Hades' neck. Slowly but surely Hades was being choked. Hades couldnt escape as DB taunted him to say the words which would lose him his belt. Hades tried to hold on but his face contorted with pain and he opened his mouth to say the words. DB tried one last taunt -' Give up, you don't deserve this belt. Go back and play some shitters like Cripple H'. Hades was enraged and with one last desperate attempt, lifted DB, who was kneeling above him, up and over his head, grabbing the belt from his neck and managing to hook it over DB's. DB fell over Hades and off the 2nd tier as the belt now held by Hades, stopped his fall, hanging him in the process. DB was going to, suspended off the tier by the belt as Hades choked him with it. DB gave in, saying the two words. Hades checked the ref heardand smiled before realeasing his grip on the belt. DB fell, the belt no longer supporting him, and he crashed into a drinks stall below. Hades rose up, the crowd cheering in amazement but hissing for the loss of DB. Hades stood above the wreck of DB lying below and lifted his arms out wide. The Passage to the Underworld off the tier as the cameras flashed throughout the arena. Hades impacted onto the stricken DB, the job already done. The Omen was out by now, picking up the belt and heading off to Hades, supporting him up and up the ramp. With the belt in his hand and blood down his face, Hades had passed judgement!

Winner - Hades - 10 Points