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Example Roleplay...

Below is an example of a roleplay, like what you will have to send in if you join :

I was waiting in my locker room waiting to be called. The anticipation could have been seen on my brow as the beads of sweat dripped down my face. It was my first match in the Efed. The opponent: Haeds. The stage: Extreme Measures my first PPV. Finally my name is called up and I head out to the back stage waiting area. While I was there I met with my valet Jennifer. I peeped through the curtains and saw the capacity crowned. My fear turned in to hatred and my hatred turned into anger. The Hunces music started to play, ITS HUNCE TIME.I picked up my English Flag, the good old George cross, and walked down the ramp in a cocky straddle and looked at Hades straight in the eyes with a menacing glare. No longer I was an amateur, I was a professional. I was ready to lock up to this scoundrel. The bell rings and were off I start the crowd going by clapping my hands and baiting the opponent. We lock I grapple he get me in a headlock and I throw him to the ropes. He comes flying back and hits with a closeline. He poses while the crowd boo him. This encourages me to fight on. I get him in a headlock and drag him down. I commence punching his head 6 7 8 times. He looked weary and dazed lying on the floor. He gets up and I go to punch him but he counters and gives me a low blow and finishes it off with a DDT. He hooks the leg 1 2 and a kick out by the Hunce Break Kid. I get up and I give him a snap suplex. I then throw him to the corner, he bounces off the turnbucle, I waddle and I SPEAR him. I start off a clap going with the crowd but while I do this I get thrown out the ring and commence battle beside the commentator's table. Hades goes for the chair and hits the Hunce over the Head with it. Looking dazed I get up to my feet and throw the commentators water at him and while he is dazed, I hit him with the ring bell. I wasn't disqualified as my valet Jennifer was distracting the referee. H had been busted open and the blood from his face was dripping from the gash the ring bell had made. I threw him back in the ring and as he is trying to get up, I waddle indicating another SPEAR. But as I go to SPEAR him, he grasps me and gets me in some sought of sleeper hold. Ohh the agony. He then goes for the figure 4 whilst I am weak, but I am only playing possum. I turn over and counter the move. Ace screams with agony and after 30 secs I let him go. I get up and hence go to the top rope to frog splash him. He sits up when I'm in mid flight and I am left in agony on the floor. My head the canvas so hard I started to bleed. I saw red and I felt angry. He picked me up but I gave him a shot to the stomach and as he is staggering, I give him THE HUNCEMANS EDGE. It's a lot like the Razors or outsiders edge. I hook the leg 1 2 3 its all over, Jim Hunty has won the match. My first professional match. I was no longer a boy, I was a man. The ref held my hand up high and the fans started too chant: HUNCE HUNCE HUNCE. The greatest moment of my life. I took the microphone and commenced talking about the great fans. I said about how supporting they were and I said " When the Hunce mans sees his pray, he's gonna hunt him down. Can you taste what Jim Hunty is stalking," but suddenly Dangerous Barry came out from under the ring and beat with a baseball bat. I had to go to have 10 stitches in my head following the bout. I was happy I won but vowed revenge on Barry.

Dont worry if you think thats a lot to type, thats an exceptionally long one! You can still win a match and have a good roleplay with one half the size of that!