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UEND News Bulletin...

News -  21st November

Hey peeps its qui aka Cripple H ,me joe joe (Hades) and Deeve (i forget his character) we will be making a NEW EFED soon! (and we mean soon!) it will probably have a new name and everything, if you have any questions about it, email me at - Qui >

PS i will leave the rest of the stuff on here for your reading pleasure

Also some new features of the new UEND will feature, A two week system of roleplays, percentage rankings for fairness, a personalised forum, without that advert crap! columns, interactivities the whole lot! All are welcome to join if you have any interest in joining mail me by clikcing here Trust me, its gonna be great!

Diablo Review

Once again, the UEND showed why it is claimed to be the best Efed in the buisness, with a jam packed arena of fans, looking for one hell of a night of wrestling. And they werent let down with an array of matches including a NO DQ match for the roleplay title where the current champion, Wolverine, had to defend his newly won belt against the Crippler, a determined wrestler but also a fellow member of the same stable, The Rebellion. The main event of the night saw the clowns come out on top, with Dangerous Barry winning his number one contendership match with special guest referee as Hades, none other then the current UEND Heavyweight Champion. The night also revealed yet again an intense fued beginning to form with the Rebellion and Eternal Darkness both dealing out pain. So to read about this and more, click here for the results of Diablo!

Rumours / Stories

The main story tonight revolves around next weeks highly anticipated PPV, Unforgiven Souls. With three belts on the line, including a triple threat line up for the hardcore belt as well as a TKO match for the roleplay title and the Heavyweight belt on the line, the PPV is looking to be another fan favourite in the UEND. Yet again, the UEND is graced with the first ever 'I quit' match as well as a TKO match, both adding to the lumberjack match which made its first appearence a few weeks back. The most controversy surrounding the PPV heads in the direction of the Heavyweight title defence. With Dangerous Barry pulling off a win against the Lame, he now heads into the Heavyweight category to go against Hades with an air of confidence after finding himself on a very high win percentage over these past few weeks in the UEND. This match is the first time that the two Cruel Conquerers members have met in the ring after the split that occured earlier in the year. Both have gone on to suceed in other areas of the UEND but now the two clash in a meeting which will finally resolve who goes on with the Heavyweight belt in their posession. With each having a stable behind them, they will certainly not be without help and rumours are circulating already of ideas that the Legion of Goons have a few tricks up their sleeves. So, will Dangerous Barry manage to pull off the win and suceed in where his team mate, Herpes the Clown, didn't and keep the belt for more then a week or will Hades remain champion and show no forgiveness on Barrys soul sending him on a one way trip to hell? Find out next week here in the UEND!

Diablo continued the underlying fued that is occuring between all three stables, Cripple H stirring the proceedings with a verbal assault on Hades. The three stables have seen an intense fued form between them, Eternal Darkness appearing in the centre with fueds between both the Legion of Goons and The Rebellion. This rivalry has been growing over the past couple of weeks but a lot of controversy has arisen revolving the matches in the UEND. With the Rebellion having such a large number of wrestlers in its stable, it was enivitable that eventually some of the same stable members would have to fight each other. Diablo this week was the first that proved this point with Wolverine battling the Crippler for the Roleplay belt. The match ended in good tidings between the fellow members but at this weeks PPV, the occurence looks set to repeat itself with Cripple H now going for the Roleplay title battling it out with fellow member Crippler, current Tag and Roleplay Champion. With Cripple H's constant verbal abuse aimed at the Eternal Darkness stable, will the demons from Hell interfer causing Cripple H to lose his match or will the Rebellion come out on top again and crush ED's plans before they can take effect. With the pressure buliding as the PPV draws closer, only time will tell!

To a sad story now, concerning another UEND stable. After Jim Hunty having recently retired from the wrestling buisness quite dramaticaly a few weeks back, the rumour of a split with the fabled EP grew stonger. UEND news can report to you today that EP has finally split with the recent information that The Game has tragically died. The reports have not been confirmed but it is suggested it occured earlier this week on his way to a Diablo venue. The Game had recently been seen exiting many of the bars and clubs near to his place of residence, and it is suggested he took heavily to drink after he began to see his career taking a downward spiral. His sudden death has been put down to carelessness after he took to the road in a drunken condition and ended up colliding into a electricity pylon, killing him immediately. The UEND has seen yet another wrestler exit the UEND in a dramtic way, and is becoming a common occurence which has started to worry UEND officials, although no official response has been made. If we gather any more information about the Game's tragic death, all will be told next week.

With the intense fueds going on in the UEND,and after the poll result concluding that Eternal Darkness is the weakest stable in the UEND, another setback has occured with an injury affecting the wrestler Real Bad. The injury is sad to be serious and rumours are suggesting that he will not make a comeback until the Christmas period. With only two wrestlers left in the stable and with Hades having to defend his belt against Dangerous Barry, the odds are heavily stacked against the Champion. Will Eternal Darkness manage to cope in the competing world of the UEND, or will the other stables take their chance and crush them before they have time to recover? Check back next week to see what happens!

Deeves note : I think this is gonna be a weekly occurence, where i have a good old moan, id just like to point out to everyone the lack of roleplays recieved this week, along with the lack of effort, only me,qui,gav and ted actually tried with the likes of shitters like Herpes writing minimal rps which is off pissing to say the least. Also I only recieved SIX roleplays from the FIFTEEN members in the uend, eventhough EVERY member had a match, which is also quite crapsomme! I hope to see a better effort from all concerned this week...

Poll Results

With another week over in the UEND, the results of poll three have come to light. UEND members have been voting for a few weeks now about who they believed was the weakest stable in the UEND. So, the results can be seen below:

Eternal Darkness - 53% (17 votes)
The Rebellion - 25% (8 votes)
The Legion of Goons - 21% (7 votes)

The results clearly show that most of the UEND members believe that Eternal Darkness is the weakest stable in the UEND with 53% of the votes, the Legion of Goons coming last with 21% and the Rebellion lying inbetween not to far ahead of the Goons with 25%. BUT, UEND creators have spotted that the outcome of this poll is irrelevant. Some twat (who goes by the name of QUI- JJ) has thought it funny to vote more then once seeing as the total number of votes was 32 while there are only roughly 16 members in the whole of the UEND. This is a pointless act and ruins the actual use of having a poll. UEND creators stated earlier to reporters that within the UEND 'there are some benders' (actual stated words - JJ) who have thought they would be comedians as well as wrestlers. In future, it is asked if UEND members can refrain from voting more then once as it does spoil the results and are advised to take their comedy ways someplace else. A new poll will be up soon so stay tuned for more information next week.(Well Sed JJ, you tell em! - Deeve)


This week, the award for best roleplayer award goes to Dangerous Barry for his excellent and extremely large roleplay (2700 words was what deeve told me. And you all think my roleplays are big - JJ) which led to victory over Cripple H to secure a title shot for the Heavyweight Belt at next weeks PPV against the reigning champion, Hades. Congrats and keep up the good work.


26th November - PPV - Unforgiven Souls

3rd December - Diablo

10th December- Diablo

Make a note in your diaries everyone!

UEND Staff

This site is done with a lot of hard work and we would all gladly like to hear from you lot out there to either wish us good luck, give any suggestions about  how to improve results and news or wish us a job well done. You can email us (well Deeve and Miller anyway) by clicking here!

Encouraging New Members!!

Please can everyone who is in the UEND encourage more people to join. We would be very grateful if you could advertise it anywhere or if you know of a way we could advertise it, please email us!



Well that concludes another exciting week in the UEND, hope you enjoyed it...


Deeve, Miller, and JJ