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Welcome to The United Efed of National Disrepute! This is a new and unique efed made by us for you. When the site is up and running there will be one show a week with a PPV every month. If you dont know what an EFED is it is and Email Federation. Basically, think of the WWF, now think of you in it and think of us. In other words it is fantasy wrestling. It may not look that visually impressive at the moment but when the site is up and running it will be very good. At the moment here are the basics. Firstly read through the sections below first and then go on to the pages. When the EFED starts the members will be informed by email!

Why is this efed Unique?

This efed is unique because instead of Roleplaying by saying what you say when you come out on the show about what you are going to do to them, instead you describe the match with all the moves you do and incidents that happen in thwe roleplay. I feel that this way is more fun and it is easier to say more. Dont worry about getting disqualified and stuff like that, you decide what happens to the ref, if he gets knocked out or distracted by your valet, if there is blatent use of weapons infront of the ref, then you'll unquestionably lose your match! For an example of a Roleplay Click Here

How do I win a Match?

To win a match you must write a roleplay which has action and a great storyline, but it hs to be REALISTIC. You cannot to things such as shoot some one and pin them because that is unrealistic. If you want ideas just watch Raw or Nitro every week. Also if it brings out any emotions in me then you are more likely to win.

What happens when i win, lose or draw?

After the match, you will be given a certain ammount of points depending on what the result was. These points will then be kept on a league and depending on where you are in the league, the amount of title shots you get or what titles you can go for. You can work your way up through the ranks to reach top card status. To view the current league table click here or to view the scoring system click here

How many shows are there a week and when are the PPV's?

There is a PPV every month and there is one show a week at the moment but may increase to two depending on the work load. There will be a weekly show called Diablo and monthly PPV.

When do i send my roleplay and to who?

What all mebers must do is end their roleplays by Friday night after the card has been put up. The card will usually be put up on a Tuesday but may change so keep posted. You must send you roleplays to me at my address

If you have any more question you can email me by clicking here

NOW AFTER READING THIS CHECK OUT THE PAGES. Firstly read the rules and make sure that you are comfortable with them and then if you have a look at the other pages and you like what you seen got to the join button and join up! Happy roleplaying!

Miller and Deeve